Hi 👋! I'm
Fernando Araoz

I'm a (human) software engineer passionate about web technologies. I love building things and learning new stuff.

I've coded in

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I've used JS/TS since my first year at uni. I've written a lot of small pages, with either vanilla JS or frameworks in the frontend (vue, react, solid, astro) & backend (express, nest).

And as far as web goes, I've also used Pug, SASS, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS.
The first PL I've learnt, I've used Java through uni to implement algorithms, DSAs and backends with Java EE.

Nowadays I'm pivoting towards using Spring and either REST APIs or dynamic pages with HTMX.
Rust is currently my favorite language. I've used it by myself for some algorithms, at my last job for a Backend REST API with rocket.rs, and currently I'm using it in a side project as full stack language.
I've used C & C++ in uni, to learn about low level programming, operating systems and Programming Language theory.
I've used C# in uni to learn about videogames, with both Unity & Godot.
I've used PHP at work, to mantain & update legacy websites, and to create a REST API along with a React frontend.

Other languages I've used:

Other languages I've tried for fun:

I'm learning